Auto slew software description (from ASA site)


In addition to the optics and mechanics, a modern computer control software is the most important element of a telescope. Autoslew was developed by Dipl. Phys. Philipp Keller for ASA and is one of the most powerful telescope controller software on the market.

A computer control is used to automatically positioning the input objects. The following properties are important and are suffused by Autoslew:
• High positioning
• Fast positioning
• Tracking accuracy
• Operational Safety
• High degree of automation / remote operation
• Homefind and parkposition
• ASCOM compatible with popular software such as TheSky Astronomy, Stellarium, Starry Night, ACP, MaximDL, etc.
• Dome automation
• Control focuser, rotator, telescope cover

Other benefits include:
• GPS support
• HID support (joystick or gamepad)
• Telescope balance finetuning
• Creation of pointing models
• Auto-pointing models (in conjunction with Sequence)
• Supports southern hemisphere
• Polar alignment help

In the future:
• Integrate popular DLSR and CCD cameras (like Canon, FLI etc.)
• Astrometry

Auto slew main user interface :